I’m so thankful this year, and my heart is so full from all that I have been blessed with this year. I’m surrounded by the most amazing people who love me and care about me. I’m slowly knowing who I am and learning how to fully appreciate my self.¬†Trusting in the process….. That’s possibly going to be my biggest takeaway from this year. So much has happened so far, it’s been a slow journey of self discovery and its still happening, it doesn’t really stop. I know the year is not over but I love to reflect and see in what ways I have changed. I went from ‘I wish I had a blog’ to ‘wow I have a blog’ then ‘wow I’m growing in every single dimension’ and then ‘what can I do to keep growing?’. It’s true what they say about this time in someone’s life. The late teens/early twenties are a rough yet glorious pivotal time in a persons life. So many changes, so many decisions have to be made, It’s crazy, scary beautiful all at the same time. It makes me want to run but no one can run from their reality, we all end up running back into ourselves. So I chose to trust the process take it all in revel in it, bathe my self in it, dwell in it, love it with all my existence because these little scary moments build me. One day I’ll look back and love that I took the time to love my growth and cherish my challenges because they all lead to something beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving loves!

Thank you for tuning in!

Faith Jassam x.