I hit 19 this weekend and it was a calm, satisfying and fun birthday. My friends surprised me with some breakfast! I got some ice cream and bubble tea as well. My parents brought me cake and balloons last night and I wanted to cry  because cake is life and that was super sweet. I felt really appreciated too cause all my Kenyan friends texted me to wish me a happy birthday and I was honestly touched.  I was reflecting the other day about how old I’m getting and about the things life have thrown at me so far and I thought I might share a few of those things.

  1. Life is hard for everyone, even worse for some so chill!
  2. You don’t need to have peaked by now
  3. Friends come and go that’s just life
  4.  Think about the future, not too much but consider where you’re going, think about what you want to do, where you want to go, the things you want to start, the people you’d love to meet, its all important and it keeps you focused.
  5. Sleep is for the rich and weak stay on the grind!
  6. When it gets hard throw on some dancing shoes, dance a little then have some cake….. ice cream too
  7. The gym is not where people go to die (they have good juice there sometimes)
  8. You don’t need to look like Beyonce you’re still a queen as you are
  9. Boys are not the most important things on the planet get on your books child, focus on who you wan too be, build yourself and let life unravel itself.
  10. Some days are dark I promise it will get brighter tomorrow
  11. You don’t need to have make up on daily hun let your pores breath
  12. You’re not always going to have your s**t together
  13. C’s get degrees
  14. Let go of things or people that don’t serve a purpose in your life
  15. There’s a lot more to learn so sit down and be humble
  16. Its okay to look a mess once in a while, it’s healthy
  17. Matcha and Kendrick are good for the soul
  18. Connections are important don’t ignore the people around you talk!
  19. Atosha actually is a queen!

Faith Jassam x 

Thanks for tuning in please come back next week!

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