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Story time, Style

Outfit details: Top: Forever 21 Vest: Herberger’s Necklace: Forever 21 Shoes: Target Jeans: Macy’s How has my week been? I’ve been in bed half passed out from Nyquil thinking about how much work I have to do but it’s all good now!  I hope that no one has managed to go through as many boxes of […]

April 30, 2017

Breaking The Rules


Outfit details Jacket: Forever 21 Top: Vanity Jeans: Macy’s Shoes: Target Purse: Target Rings: H and M Can we first talk about how productive I’ve been this week and how I’m in yellow in this post? I feel very accomplished for doing my work on time this week and I’m happy that I’m in such […]

April 20, 2017

My First Day In An American School

Story time

Why is there a mini waterfall in the beginning of this blog post? Well, I went to The Como conservatory and I thought everyone deserves to see this on a Monday. Most of my Kenyan friends ask me about my experiences here in America so I thought I’d do a series on it beginning with my first official […]

April 11, 2017