What does it truly mean to be authentic? I ask myself this as I stare at Asiyami Gold’s Instagram and wonder if I can match up to all that authenticity. I look at it all and think I want to be like her, she’s so authentic. But then I stop and ask my self what does it actually mean to be authentic? I’ve always wanted to be authentic you know one of those people you look at and all that comes to your mind is, damn they are authentic. You don’t know what makes them that way or what sort of energy they radiate but when it comes to describing them all you can think is they are authentic af. I wan to be that, so I brainstorm on ideas about being authentic and ask myself questions like: What makes people authentic? What kind of aesthetic am I trying to portray with my work? What audience am I trying to appeal to?

Then slowly it comes to me. I go back to Asiyami’s Instagram and look through trying to determine the authenticity factor and it hits me. She’s so real with what she does. She tells the world her thoughts and it makes you feel like you know her, it makes you feel included.  She shares pictures of things she loves and you can see how full of a life she’s living. It never feels like she’s doing things to please the world.  I realized that in order to be truly authentic you ought to be real and this doesn’t have to do with Asiyami Gold’s life and Instagram, it has to do with life in general.  I want to be more real with people and start really showing them who I am. Being authentic to me just means doing your own thing in a world where there’s a billion people doing amazing things that we might try to emulate. When you’re authentic you truly don’t care what others are doing you just do what you think feels right to you. It really helped to look within and look at where I find my inspiration to really assess if I’m living an authentic life. This is a challenge to you as well let’s be real let’s find what makes us authentic.

Thanks for tuning in!

Faith Jassam x.