Outfit details
Jacket: Forever 21
Top: Vanity
Jeans: Macy’s
Shoes: Target
Purse: Target
Rings: H and M

Can we first talk about how productive I’ve been this week and how I’m in yellow in this post? I feel very accomplished for doing my work on time this week and I’m happy that I’m in such a peaceful state of mind, not for too long of course because MIDTERMS! Maybe that’s why I was compelled to pull out this yellow shirt which is definitely a big step in my color journey by the way (Yes, thats a thing). I feel like this outfit really shows my style because I really love motor jackets and I’m always down for a casual look. This to me is more of a fall meets spring kind of look since we tend to pull out the darks in the fall but it’s okay to break the rules guys!

I would really love to think that they made this suede motor jacket just for me and I’ve established a very deep connection to it. I just really love this shade of green and the suede feels amazing. I also think the yellow top really complements the jacket as well. I really thought I would be in ruffles and off the shoulder tops by now but it’s still freezing outside and I’m very disappointed. I’m definitely counting down the days to good weather and really missing Kenya at this moment!

Faith Jassam x!