Happy Friday guys! I know I haven’t been back with a post in two weeks and I’m so sorry for being MIA.  I went to Chicago without a couple of my camera accessories and couldn’t post anything until I got back which totally sucks. Well at least I didn’t lose my photos I still have them and I will share them with you! Honestly, Chicago is where I should be. I loved walking around and just seeing so much action all at once and it definitely made me think of Nairobi. I loved all the shops down the streets (I honestly freaked out a little bit at the Gucci and Hermes display ) and all the little hidden and gorgeous wonders that it had to offer. We didn’t even hit half the spots we wanted to but we got some covered. I’ll cover the three days in three blog posts cause we did the most with our explores and it can’t all be condensed into one post.

Day one:

We were so confused on the first day cause new city? We kept walking around in circles and just getting a feel of the place and I kept staring. Staring at the gorgeous buildings, the gorgeous people, the amazing street style (I probably looked like such a tourist). Also someone needs to tell me why everyone looked like a model…I found it amazing that everyone was so friendly and making friends was super easy, this just reminded me so much of Kenya where you can make friends in seconds. One thing that I absolutely loved was all the food spots that were just down the street from where I stayed. We had lunch at Le Colonia and I kid you not their pho was made in heaven and their spring rolls… After that we walked to the beach (come on Minneapolis you should have had a beach within this city) because it was about five minutes away from our hotel. I haven’t been to a beach since 2008 and that felt and looked amazing cause you could see the wheel at the pier and the city was the backdrop!

I freaked out when I saw the Max Mara coats on display which made me feel like doing a little shopping so we ended up at Hand M (Also now I appreciate the no tax on clothes that this state has to offer). I absolutely loved the shopping scene there, and I think it’s because of how busy all the shops were.

We had dinner at Giordano’s pizza and had cheesecake at the cheesecake factory after and I think I gained about five pounds just in that day. We then knocked out cause lots of walking was done and we had been up at like 5am that day so onto the next day……. below is a photo of me looking rough at the airport at 6am!

Thank you for tuning in!

Faith Jassam x.