Hello everyone! Hope your week has been amazing, mine has been crazy but I’m still here with details about a fave spot of mine. My sister and I decided to try this place called Chimborazo that we’ve always seen on city pages and we always see on our way downtown. Turns out no one told us we’ve been missing out on this amazing Ecuadorian cuisine spot! It’s a cute little restaurant that is very easy to ignore because of how tiny it is and how empty it looks at first. My sister and I went there on a weekday for lunch so it wasn’t busy at all and the first thing that struck me was the charm that the place had. It’s a beautiful little spot and the staff is just amazing. Our waiter was possibly the best waiter I’ve ever encountered, not exaggerating at all. He was supper helpful especially because the menu was not in English, he had amazing vibes and he made us happy to be there and excited to try the Ecuadorian food. The menu wasn’t crazy at all, not too many options but the few that were there looked so good that I wanted to try everything! I fell in love with the food, with Chimborazo and I’m always going to go back! What more could a hungry girl ask for? The place is charming, has amazing food, its fairly close to home…issa yes for me! I found my new favorite place guys. I would totally recommend this place to anyone and if you’re trying to go just tell me cause I’m never missing a chance to go back!




Faith Jassam X.