Hello and happy Friday guys!Im so sorry I’ve been totally MIA but  I’m back with a brunch post because why not?…I feel like I do a lot of brunch posts cause honestly you can never go wrong with brunch. My sister and I decided to try out a spot called Eggy’s in Minneapolis and first things first, I loved that it was in the city. I love the city and take any chances that I can get to be there. The first thing I loved about Eggy’s was definitely the exterior because of the vibrant orange seats and the feel! The inside is absolutely gorgeous too but some seating spots are totally awkward because the tables are super packed close to each other, so you can listen in on peoples conversations. So we opted to sit outside except it was a little windy…Terrible idea because my hair looked like such a mess after. The menu was straightforward and I ended up having some strawberry crepes( of course) which were heavenly! The food was absolutely amazing and the waitress was just great. I absolutely love this spot and 10/10 would recommend. We ended up going to the I like you wall after and this is funny because I always saw it on Instagram but never knew where it was and turns out I pass by it like every single day. It’s definitely a very Minnesotan thing to do but i just had to guys. I featured my sister on this post as well and well look how gorgeous! Here are a couple shots and I hope you have an amazing weekend.

Thank you for tuning in!

Faith Jassam.