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Archives, Lifestyle / Monday, July 16th, 2018

It’s a new week, and a beautiful  morning! Morning rituals were ignored today and I went straight into some work cause I have so much to do. I wanted to hop on here for a minute and just do some connecting. I feel like there’s so much my readers don’t know about me despite me sharing bits of my life on here. I wanted to take sometime and let you know who I am, no I’m not doing surface level facts about my self let’s get deep. I also don’t want this to be me just talking about my self:

Tell me a quick random fact about yourself in the comments!

  1.  I am a junior in college and go to the University of Minnesota studying Accounting and Retail merchandising  but this might change depending on a couple of factors. If I were to change my major I would do Marketing and Retail merchandising with a focus on Fashion!
  2. I am the most awkward person I know you guys. I just hide it really well sometimes, but sometimes it slips and shows I apologize if you have to deal with my awkward self . Seriously though a good chunk of my day is spent cringing at the things I do/have done in the past.
  3. I’m an introvert and a shy person but with occasional extrovert tendencies. I love being alone and really enjoy my company. I am a firm believer in creating some alone time and getting to know yourself first before anything. If I am in a situation that requires me to be a little more outgoing and more vocal I will step up and do it but feel so drained after. Is there anyone else out there that’s like this?
  4. I worry and think too much and this can be good and bad depending not the situation. I sometimes have to force my self to stop worrying about the little things and worrying about my future and just focus on my present. I do think that this is human to do, but I’m a little extra with it. A good thing with this is that I worry about the people around me, in a good way that is, I’m super nurturing and love to take care of people.
  5. I get super scared to put my blog posts out especially if they are more personal/vulnerable. I have so many drafts of posts that I should have put out by now but I get so scared to share them. I will share them though, one at a time guys!

Okay I just shared a little of who I am, which I also did a little of on my Instagram stories last week and I’d love to know a super random fact about you in the comments below.

Love, Imani.

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