Happy Saturday y’all!! this week I was celebrating my blog’s six month anniversary and I am super excited about it. It honestly doesn’t feel like I’ve been blogging for this long but it’s actually been a while. Honestly blogging has changed me as a person in ways that I never expected it to change me. It has made me look at the world differently and it keeps inspiring me to look deeper into everything and capture life’s most beautiful moments. It’s literally given me a new set of eyes and nothing is the same to me anymore. One thing that I realized is that I’ve never officially introduced my self and let you know who I am. I realized this when I was having a conversation with one of my roommates and she asked me if Imani is my name too. I never really mentioned why I use Imani!! and it never crossed my mind that some people really don’t know what it means and I never explained this. I go by Faith usually but Imani is Faith in swahili and I almost always wish that I was named that instead so I decided to name my blog Imani instead.

I’ll go by the questions that some of you asked me on insta feel free to DM me and ask me anything anytime!

  1. Where do you go to school and what do you study?…..I’m a college sophomore at the University of Minnesota studying Finance and Accounting with a future focus on Fashion.
  2. Do you still speak Swahili? lol gai yessss I do all the time!!!!
  3. Are you coming to Kenya any time soon? Maybe! I really don’t know tbh I really would love to visit in December because I’m homesick but I’m not entirely sure if I can. Will keep you posted on this one.
  4. What inspires you? I’m inspired by my dreams and visions and every second that I look around and I’m not living my dream, I get  inspired to work a little harder. I’m also inspired by the people around me and even people I follow on Instagram, I just try to find inspiration everywhere because it’s all around if you look harder.
  5. What’s one of your biggest freshman regrets? Honestly, not doing enough and giving up midway through the year is one of my biggest regrets, I’d recommend searching hard of inspiration when you die down because there’s so much I could have done that I didn’t.
  6. How old re you? I am 19 years old!
  7. Why is your favorite show? I’m not the biggest show watcher but…. Mindy Project right now just because she’s a bad ass.
  8. Why do you blog/ what inspired you to start blogging? I had just moved to America when my love affair with blogs began. I would go on bloglovin and stare at blogs all day and I loved it so much. I was always looking for black girl bloggers that I could relate to, that were my own age and had a lot in common with me, but didn’t find any at that time. So I decided  to be one, to use blogging as my creative outlet and to be a source of inspiration to anyone out there.
  9. What kind of music do you listen to? Everything!!I’m such a big music lover and I literally listen to anything beautiful. Trap, soul, indie, jazz you name it, I’m on it (not such a big country listener though)
  10. Whats your favorite candy bar? …all of them?? Okay if I had to pick I’d say Kit kats are my faves.
  11. Where do you see yourself in five years? Wow this is a big question that I can’t fully answer because I change my mind a lot. I see my self as a graduated queen who goes into the world and tries her best to find herself.
  12. Are you dating anyone right now? LOL
  13. Do you still sing? I really don’t I should pick up on it again (For those who don’t know I sang a lot back when I was in primary school and a little in high school)

That’s it for my mini Q and A and as I mentioned before, feel free to ask me anything. DM me I’d love to get to know you too! Have an amazing weekend y’all.

Thank you so much for tuning in!

Love, Imani.