Why is there a mini waterfall in the beginning of this blog post? Well, I went to The Como conservatory and I thought everyone deserves to see this on a Monday. Most of my Kenyan friends ask me about my experiences here in America so I thought I’d do a series on it beginning with my first official day of classes in an American high school.

I’d been nervous all summer and literally thought of all the ways my day could go wrong. I woke up two hours before I needed to and slept so late because I had spent at least an hour before bed picking out an outfit. I still  felt underdressed when I got to school! I’d thought out scenarios where someone stole my lunch or some kids punched me, I thought I’d join the cheerleading team (my school didn’t even have one) , I’d end up a football players girlfriend (funny one), I’d be the invisible one…None of that happened leading to a sad conclusion that Taylor Swifts songs and American high school movies are full of lies.

Accents were not as  tricky as I thought they’d be but some words still flew by and I couldn’t tell what I was being told which was frustrating. Faith

The day started with me getting on the bus and asking some kid if I could  sit next to him and he said no…..? I walked slow and sad to the back of the bus and found my self another seat. When I got to school I went straight to my advisory ( not really a class but we sat in there before the first class). I was scared but I kinda knew where to go because I had been there a couple of days before for my orientation and for two days before the entire school joined us but I still felt so lost. I remember my first class being pre calc which I got late to because I didn’t know which building was the A building and which one was B. Tardy on the first day! I had no one to sit with at lunch so I sat alone and I felt as if everyone was staring but they probably weren’t. My classes dragged along so slowly I knew no one and they all looked so intimidating sounded so intimidating I literally wanted to disappear. Most of the kids were really tall and looked older and my 5’0 self felt like an ant.  Accents were not as  tricky as I thought they’d be but some words still flew by and I couldn’t tell what I was being told which was frustrating. The most intimidating class was my literature class I knew I signed my self up for death because I was required to talk, give presentations, be in discussions and that made me even more nervous. So in general I was a nervous wreck and I talked to no one all day except from the other new kid that sat by me in advisory. It was finally the end of the day so I grabbed my bag quick, headed to the bus and wanted to cry because it’d been such a scary day. I read some Khaled Hosseini on my way back home and DID NOT want to go back the next day but I had to.

Now looking back at this is so funny to me because I got so comfortable after a while and I realize I shouldn’t have been that nervous! It’s funny as well because I’ve grown so much since the in terms of confidence and always wish I could go back in time and reassure my self. I guess thats the beauty of life, we grow, we learn and thing that seemed so important back then aren’t as important anymore. Learn from me, be yourself, be confident even when in a new environment and when faced with new circumstances.  You’ve got this!

Faith jassam x