Happy New Year y’all! I know I’m coming in a little late but it’s still the new year and my resolutions are still fresh in my brain and I can’t wait to see what this year holds for me. One thing the I have decided will be a big part of my year is self love and self care because I’d love to see my self grow in every dimension. I crave stability, earth shattering confidence, independence and strength. I want to be the best version of my self and I’m choosing this year to be the year where i become that. Last year for me was  great year, a tough self defining year with so many trials and life changing moments and I loved all that but I’m so happy for this fresh start. Some things I hope to accomplish this year include expanding my platform and my presence on this blog and social media. I would love to bring new ideas to the table and be my best creative self, I’d love this to be a beautiful journey of self discovery and one where I accept my self for who I am. I’d love to actually stick to that fitness routine all year and go back to my yoga loving self. I’d also love this to be my year of professional development and success in defining what I’d love to be and what I’d love to do with my life. I’d love to travel more, see and appreciate all  the beauty around me. I feel like this year will be a great year and i cant wait to explore it. Have you taken the time to reflect and see what you want this year to be? Here are some photos from my mini snow shoot!

Thanks for tuning in!

Faith Jassam.