Hey y’all so I had an issue with my blog uploads and thats part of the reason why its been harder for me to blog .That means that I have tons of content that I’ve wanted to share that I actually haven’t been able to. This post is from this weekend at Nightingale where my friends and I had brunch and yes I’d definitely go back. This brunch was a collaboration with my amazing friends Doreen and Hellen who are food bloggers and Doreen is a makeup artists well  y’all need to check out heir page:  https://www.instagram.com/brunchbydh/  

Just like all the places I tend to fall in love with, Nightingale had an amazing, youngish vibe. The interior was gorgeous, great music, low but vibrant conversations floating around, millennials catching up over mid morning mimosas, friendly and very helpful staff and the food was amazing as well! I had the corned beef hash which was the best, 10/10 would recommend and the mimosas didn’t disappoint either. I had such an amazing time and here are a couple of photos to prove that!

Faith Jassam x

Thank you for tuning in!