Happy Friday y’all. In this blog post I explore a couple of  thoughts I’ve had of late. A lot of times I catch my self comparing myself to others and it’s one of those things that are hard to avoid because we always want to do as well or even better than the people around us. I constantly ask my self questions like: what are they doing that I’m not? Why are they achieving this so much faster? Why is it not my time to shine? When will it be my moment? Sometimes it’s a constant comparison and it goes for days until I catch my self and self talk my self out of it. Comparison comes naturally but it’s how you handle it that matters and it doesn’t help that I’m in an  environment that propagates it and make it worse. For example being a Carlson student puts me in a such a great position for comparison since you talk a lot to the students surrounding you and often times they are doing something cool and you aren’t because it’s probably not your time yet. I’ve learnt to remind my self that we are all on out own personal journeys and yes it’s okay to pace yourself against others at times because you surely don’t want to be too behind. On the other hand it’s okay to trust your own journey and know that in the end its all going to be okay as long as you stay proactive and positive.

Thank you for tuning in!

Faith Jassam x.