Five random facts about me


It’s a new week, and a beautiful  morning! Morning rituals were ignored today and I went straight into some work cause I have so much to do. I wanted to hop on here for a minute and just do some connecting. I feel like there’s so much my readers don’t know about me despite me […]

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Good luck on ’em twenty somethings

Story time, Uncategorized

It all started the midnight of my 20th birthday I had this beautiful idea of what my 20-year-old self should be. In my head she was a boss ass, she was  brave, she was beautiful, smart, had her shit together, she was accomplished and always looked flawless. I swore that the world was about to hear […]

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Moments with Jord


If you know me you know I’m very minimalistic, I don’t wear much jewelry but I love a good watch. I also love the little moments; moments spent making memories and  doing something I love with people I love. So when Jord watches reached out to collaborate with me on their beautiful and sleek, wooden […]

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JustImani Travels: Florida

Travel, Uncategorized

Welcome to another Imani blog post and I hope June is treating you well! This blog post was supposed to be out like two weeks ago and I’m working on it guys, I will do better with my posting schedule. I visited Tampa, Florida about two weeks ago and it was such a breath of […]

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JustImani turns one!

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Happy Wednesday loves! My blog turned one in March and I fully ignored the fact that it did. I dismissed it thinking to myself ‘why would I honor this?I really haven’t made that much progress, I’m too busy with finals and life anyways’ and I brushed it off. I kept feeling like I hadn’t really […]

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PWW 001: Shiona Turini


This week’s power Women Wednesday features one of my favorite humans and a one-of-a-kind and phenomenal woman: Shiona Turini (AKA the crop top queen), because no matter the weather, she will be in a crop top. I discovered her about two years ago not sure how, but I think it was through Fashion Week street […]

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Post Christmas vibes


Okay yes I’ve been gone for  a very long time but first of all I’d love to blame school and life. This semester has actually been a journey. It felt so long and I think its because so much happened within this semester including adjusting to a new environment, taking on harder classes, trying to […]

December 28, 2017



I’m so thankful this year, and my heart is so full from all that I have been blessed with this year. I’m surrounded by the most amazing people who love me and care about me. I’m slowly knowing who I am and learning how to fully appreciate my self. Trusting in the process….. That’s possibly going […]

November 29, 2017


Lifestyle, Style

Outfit details  Sweater– Michael Kors Purse– Abercrombie Boots– Shoedazzle Jeans– Abercrombie Happy Monday y’all! I’ve disappeared for weeks and I’m sorry for that school really has me occupied full time. This is going to be a shorter blog post too but it’s about how I escape when everything around me is spiraling. So this weekend […]

October 23, 2017

Introducing myself( A mini Q& A)


Happy Saturday y’all!! this week I was celebrating my blog’s six month anniversary and I am super excited about it. It honestly doesn’t feel like I’ve been blogging for this long but it’s actually been a while. Honestly blogging has changed me as a person in ways that I never expected it to change me. […]

September 30, 2017

The rest of it all…

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Happy Tuesday y’all! I think it’s such a cool thing to be a beginner and to put yourself out there but the amount of doubt that you end up facing is tremendous and it certainly takes a while to get  that confidence. Hell some people don’t actually end up gaining it because it’s a slow […]

September 19, 2017

On my own journey

Story time

Happy Friday y’all. In this blog post I explore a couple of  thoughts I’ve had of late. A lot of times I catch my self comparing myself to others and it’s one of those things that are hard to avoid because we always want to do as well or even better than the people around […]

August 22, 2017



Happy Tuesday y’all! Today I’m having a lot of thoughts on whats authentic around me and about my self and what it really means to be authentic. What triggered this? Well, scrolling through Asiyami’s feed, which i do often but the way, made me start thinking about this. “How can I be her?” I ask […]

July 29, 2017

Why I matcha!


Happy Sunday guys! I know three posts in three days whatttttt?? So I just introduced a new segment into my blog which is a wellness segment. I really believe that what you put into your body is very important because your body is a temple and it needs to be taken care of. I try […]

July 16, 2017

EGGGY’s diner


Hello and happy Friday guys!Im so sorry I’ve been totally MIA but  I’m back with a brunch post because why not?…I feel like I do a lot of brunch posts cause honestly you can never go wrong with brunch. My sister and I decided to try out a spot called Eggy’s in Minneapolis and first […]

July 14, 2017