Okay yes I’ve been gone for  a very long time but first of all I’d love to blame school and life. This semester has actually been a journey. It felt so long and I think its because so much happened within this semester including adjusting to a new environment, taking on harder classes, trying to figure out where my life is heading, what to do with my life now and where I see my self in the future. That’s just the start because with every problem, there was a list of frustrations, realizations, breakthroughs I mean it was a great and tough semester simultaneously. I even got to go to New York for my internship process and I didn’t share much about my trip cause it was very short and I didn’t get to explore much when I was there.

Lessons from this year? Life doesn’t always go the way you want it to and the sooner you realize this the sooner you can live life freely. I haven’t fully realized this because I’m a planner and I always want to do things my way, I love things to go my way.  However,  I’ve been so thrown off by circumstances along the way as I try executing my own plans, I’ve had to let go sometimes and just gone with the flow cause things change so much. I had that as my theme this year  cause so much has changed around me and within me and it keeps changing. The way I approach life now is different, how I see the people around me has changed, my style has somewhat evolved, my social connections and how I communicate with the people around  me has changed. I’m finishing off this year as a new version of my self and I’m not mad about it at all. I’m not a person who loves change, I love habits and I love a sense of familiarity but once I see the change and live within it I always end up loving it and accepting it. I hope that in the next year I’m more active with my blogging and I’m able to publish some amazing and fresh content in the mean time here are some fall photos!! Happy holidays y’all!

Faith Jassam x

Thanks for tuning in!