PWW 001: Shiona Turini

Archives / Thursday, May 17th, 2018
Told y’all she’s literally me: She loves red too!

This week’s power Women Wednesday features one of my favorite humans and a one-of-a-kind and phenomenal woman: Shiona Turini (AKA the crop top queen), because no matter the weather, she will be in a crop top. I discovered her about two years ago not sure how, but I think it was through Fashion Week street style photos or on Instagram in my quest for more black women in the fashion industry and I am obsessed! She loves red as much as I do and she oozes so much confidence and so much life. One of the reasons I love Shiona so much is that she’s fearless: she speaks out and isn’t afraid to call people out for anything. She’s not afraid to show who she is in her work and is such a talented force. She’s my daily inspiration and what I want to be in life! Shiona also has a lot of insight on how to exist in the fashion industry and one of my biggest takeaway is that you have to know your sh**t in the fashion Industry. You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do, but stay curious about the industry.

My biggest takeaways is that you have to know your s***t in the fashion Industry. You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do, but stay curious about the industry.

Here’s a little bit of her journey: Born and raised in Bermuda, she began her career at Yves Saint Laurent as the Public Relations Coordinator: She mentions in an interview about how she landed at YSL and says that she showed up at YSL for three days and after being rejected twice they finally gave in and let her intern. Honestly the kind of persistence and fearlessness  nI hope to have someday! Under the direction of designers Tom Ford and Stefano Pilati, Shiona handled press for both the women’s and men’s categories, as well as celebrity dressing.

After three years of working at the house, she was inspired to make the switch to editorial and accepted a position as the Accessories Editor at W Magazine. From there Shiona moved within Conde Nast to become the Accessories Director at Teen Vogue. She then accepted the a position in Corine Roitfeld’s publication as Market and beauty Director of publication.  Covering all fashion and beauty markets, Shiona was responsible for all products shot for the magazine, as well as creating and overseeing original fashion content for the book and website. While in this position Shiona traveled extensively and worked on numerous projects including Love Gold’s AMFAR Fashion Show in Cannes. After three issues of CR Fashion Book, Shiona went on to become Fashion Market Director for Cosmopolitan Magazine – the largest women’s publication in the world.

Throughout her career in publishing, Shiona has solidified herself as one of the industry’s leading experts and has been commended for her personal style and editing abilities. She is currently a Creative Consultant, Freelance Fashion Editor and Stylist based in New York City with recent clients including Amazon Fashion, Salvatore Ferragamo, the Bermuda Tourism Authority and more. She’s currently doing some work on Issa Rae’s set of Insecure and I cannot wait to see what she does next because I believe that she will do so much ore in the Fashion Industry.

With Nicole Chapoteau; another powerful/amazing woman in the Fashion Industry


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