PWW 002: Kahlana Barfield Brown

PWW / Friday, June 29th, 2018

Fashion and Beauty Editor
Creative and Brand Consultant

This woman has my heart and I’m not addicted to just her sense of style, every single thing about her is captivating!  I was flipping through my InStyle about a year ago, saw her name and had to know who this writer was and so I searched her up on Instagram, learnt about her story and fell in love. Her style is sexy, eclectic, edgy, daring and I’d say classy with a twist, but her style is way more than that, Kahlana OWNS her looks.

She’s a denim girl all day every day. “I feel most comfortable in jeans and I probably wear them inappropriately on occasions when I should be more dressed up” She says. Another every day staple of hers is a red lip and with her favorites  being  Dragon Girl by Nars, Beso by Stila, and she’s currently using one called Bawse Lady by The Lip Bar.

Kahlana was born and raised in Seattle and graduated with a B.A. in journalism from Howard University. She tells her amazing life story post graduation on Erik Umphrey’s podcast She moved to New York right after graduation and took an Internship with Suede magazine which paid her a $15 daily lunch stipend. She worked on this for 2 months before she landed a general internship at InStyle and before she left, she passed around thank you cards to all the editors one of the editors asked her if she would move back to New York if a position ever opened up and she said that she would. She was moving back to Seattle to work at Nordstrom and even before she even started her job at Nordstrom, she received a call and an offer from InStyle and thats where her journey began.

One thing that she says that I picked up and held on to is that post-college, a lot of young people really don’t know much about love. Don’t let someone hold you back and if it’s meant to be it will be. 

In her current role as InStyle’s Fashion and Beauty Editor-at-Large, Kahlana writes and edits fashion, beauty, and celebrity features while cultivating and maintaining a wide network of beauty and fashion industry contacts. Over time she’s taken on several great positions at the magazine, including Beauty Director, and fulfilled duties that have ranged from writing in-depth features to reporting live from the red carpet.

The reason why I love this woman so much goes way beyond  her style and her acclaimed status within the fashion Industry. She has worked so hard to be where she is right now and makes sure that Women of color are getting represented on those glossy InStyle pages. I love her column on InStyle and one piece by her that truly caught my eye is the one on colorism found here. I love to see a woman of color use her position for good and tries to enlighten the world on issues that Women of Color face.

“Own who you are, be yourself, live your own truth. People say, “I want to be just like you” I say no, use me as inspiration, but create your own path, so that your path is uniquely yours. No one could ever be that.”

– Kahlana Barfield Brown.

Kahlana’s Website

With her daughter, Dylan 

She was also a Delta at Howard!

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