Don’t you just hate it when it’s almost New years and everyone starts talking about resolutions and how this new year is going to be their year? Yeah me too! I’m out here pointing fingers but I’m definitely in that group of people, in fact call me the leader. This is the year that I decided I’m going to get fitter and we all know how this one goes for most of us. I have dark, scary stories about this resolution because I started a fitness journey in November and I think I’m doing well but I’m currently in so much pain and I can barely walk. I confess to stuffing myself with doughnuts and having about a hundred dark thoughts about quitting my fitness journey today. If I quit, I’d be in the same pool as half that new gym population that left when we hit February and it would honestly be very sad because then I’d have to wait for December to declare that 2018 would be my year. Their departure has honestly left me sad because I was just starting to get used to the abnormally huge population that showed up on January 2nd.

I think I’m doing well but I’m currently in so much pain and I can barely walk.

This year was the first year that I didn’t really make any concrete resolutions because I never actually follow them. Seriously what’s the point? I said it was going to be my year but so far I’ve only accomplished a couple of B’s in my tests and a dent in my bank account but otherwise, I’m still single and crusty but it’s all fine (Not bitter or anything). You however shouldn’t be like me because its March and I’m already losing hope. Go out there spread your wings, travel and explore, go to the gym, make friends just be happy!