Happy Tuesday y’all I’m back this week with that promised skin care reveal! A lot of people can relate to never finding those products that work for their face or going through a million brands trying to figure out what works best. I have been this person for the longest time and I still kinda am but recently my skin has been looking better and below I have a couple of secrets as to why! My skin type is dry combination to combination and it gets irritated so easily, it’s honestly the worst thing to have very sensitive skin. I hope you find this mini skin product review useful and leave me a comment about your worst skin care nightmares!

The first ones photographed are all Pacifica products that I have come to love so much. They feel so soft and gentle on my skin and never make me break out, they are also vegan products. The first one on the left is the quinoa sensitive face wash (the matcha berry one is really good too), then the cactus water toner which leaves your face feeling so refreshed, and finally the mask which is actually very light but brings out amazing results.

In this second photo are the three step Clinique products that you might have seen all over at some point back last year. I have a back story about these products, I was walking through the mall and saw Hannah Bronfman’s photo at the Clinique station cause she was one of the Clinique ambassadors and that drew me to the products. I immediately learnt about the three step and got them to try them out and they were absolutely amazing. The three step includes a toner, face wash and a gel moisturizer which feels absolutely amazing on the skin. I don’t use the face wash and toner as much anymore because they tend to be a little harsh and I prefer very mild products.

In this photo I included some of my other random products that I like including the Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum which I highly recommend because it has absolutely done wonders to my skin. I also included some argan oil which is a lot of people’s favorite since it just goes really smooth on the skin and it’s not super light weight, but it serves as an amazing serum. Another face oil I absolutely love but isn’t pictured here is some Rosehip oil because it clears blemishes and is super light weight so it absorbs into the skin super fast. Not sure why I haven’t gotten my self a new bottle because it’s the absolute best. The tiny face brush is from Clinique and it deep cleanses my face amazingly, leaves my skin super smooth and I’m mad that I never got my self one of those any sooner. The face mask is from lush and its one of the few ones that work perfectly with my skin. It has a very strong smell and has some coarse things in it but it works perfectly and i’ts funny cause that was the first mask I ever tried from lush. Literally a match made in heaven!

I definitely saved the best for last and I have a back story to this product as well. Last week I was at Sephora and wanted to sample some masks so I looked through the millions and millions of them that Sephora has till I stumbled upon this one. Now a lot of the masks at Sephora are amazing but his one caught my eyes because it looked so fresh, it smelled so rosy and I wanted it. So I got a mini sample that I’ve used almost five times now and it’s perfect. It’s very light, goes on the skin smoothly and it has a cooling effect that feels amazing after you’ve been in the sun. I actually  don’t have the full bottle yet but really cannot wait to get it because it has won me over! My biggest skin care secret is paying attention to my skin and how it behaves at different times. It also helps to eat lots of greens and drink lots of water because I’ve found that each time i stop juicing, my skin breaks out. Hope you enjoyed that mini review and that you find your perfect product combo if you haven’t already because thats what we all hope for isn’t it!

Thank you for tuning In!

Faith Jassam x.