Happy Friday y’all! Here’s another blog post and this one’s an updated matcha recipe because it slightly changed since the last time I posted one. If you know me or even follow me on social media you now that I absolutely love my matcha and it’s my pick me up drink especially in this negative degree weather. In addition to making me feel better in this cold weather, it also makes me feel better about myself because of it’s amazing benefits! I started drinking matcha due to inspiration from all the beauty/fitness gurus. It’s a trend that I couldn’t pass up and I’ve kept it in my routine for about two years now. So follow along to make your next cup of matcha!

What you need:

  1. Matcha powder. Could be found on amazon and the one I use is called Pure matcha (Link at the end of post). The best matcha is ceremonial blend and bright green in color.
  2. A matcha whisk or a blender
  3. Almond Milk( optional) or water. I personally prefer just water since I like it strong and I feel like adding milk reduces the flavor .
  4. Coconut butter/oil. This makes it frothy and provides some added benefits.
  5. Collagen peptides( optional).This is also an addition with benefits that include stronger bones, hair and good skin.


Bring some water or your almond  milk to a low boil then add into blender( you can whisk it instead but I prefer blending mine). Add a teaspoon of matcha, collagen, coconut butter and sweetener if needed and blend till frothy. Serve hot or chilled and enjoy!

Have an amazing weekend y’all!

Matcha link: 


Thank you for tuning in!

Faith Jassam.