It’s international Women’s day and I woke up thinking of a conversation I had about women yesterday. I was in my room with my friends and somehow we ended up discussing about our kids genders and I mentioned that I wouldn’t love to bring a girl into this world because the world doesn’t really favor them. I said this out of nowhere and have never really given it thought but it’s true. The world looks at the woman as the other, the second best after the entire male species and it’s always bothered me. It makes me sad when women bring women down too since in a world where a woman is under so much pressure she shouldn’t really be receiving any more from someone who is supposed to understand her struggle. The hate is all around but so is the love and this is the year that we have seen a lot of unity in women. Remember the women’s march?, #Blackgirl magic, Michelle obama? I just naturally found myself supporting women and especially women of color because as much as all women go through a lot, women of color face even more issues. As a woman of color, I’ve seen these things first hand and I’ve seen the community of the women of color support each other continuously because we all understand what it feels like to be so unappreciated in society.

I just naturally found myself supporting women and especially women of color.

It breaks my heart further when someone brings up the wage gap issue and the glass ceiling and at the same time it makes me proud when I see all these amazing women who have managed to go past these issues. Look at Michelle Obama, Ursula Burns, Rosalind Brewer, Wangari Maathai, all such great women who inspire me. I say that on this day and this entire month we come together as women and celebrate each other, love each other, and appreciate each other. When you see a girl in a gorgeous outfit today don’t just glare, tell them they look amazing and you might have just made their day. Happy international Women’s Day everyone!