Happy Friday y’all! I ve been gone a while and this time I blame it on school. I feel like my blogging schedule will change up quite a bit in the next couple of months. I mean it’s only week one but school has me beat down so hard, well not too hard I’m just being dramatic. I had such a crazy movie-like day yesterday and i’ll tell the story in another blog post I promise. Lots of reading already but here we are! Not lets dive into what I wanted to talk about today.

A lot of people ask me why I chose to blog when everyone’s doing it right now. I hear people talk about how blogging is overdone, some bloggers only do it for the free stuff and the money which some do, but when I began I didn’t actually know I could monetize my blog. To me it was an escape because each time I sat down to try write something i’d get all these ideas and time would just fly past me. I’d forget about everyone and everything for a few minutes maybe hours and just have fun and I loved this feeling so much. The first time I was introduced to blogging, I’d just moved to America and had a lot of free time on my hands. I stumbled upon HBFIT, Patricia Bright, Shirley B, Julia Hengel, Song of Style, and I admired the whole idea of it. I then got introduced to Bloglovin and started reading a whole bunch of blogs and I would spend hours on it. I loved looking at the different aesthetics and reading the different stories and that’s when I thought of starting my own. I had so many ideas in my head that I wanted to share as well. So I went on google and just typed in how to start a blog. I knew absolutely nothing about it but was willing to learn and find all the information  could on it. So I found that WordPress was the best one and so I created an account and spent hours customizing it and trying to make it perfect and named it Imani Explores. I would type up blog posts but was too scared to share them so it was one of those personal blogs.

I was scared of what people would think and that they’d be too critical.

I then got to college and destroyed my old blog and created a WIX site and got a little more serious with my blog. At times I’d ask my self why am I doing this? It’s overdone, we already have enough bloggers do they really need any more? It too me a while to find  my purpose as a blogger but I eventually decided on what I wanted. Then it struck me that this world has 7.5 billion people trust me we can use another blogger. I also realized that each blogger strikes a different audience, people get attracted to different aesthetics so every blogger does have a chance. It just comes down to how much effort you put into the work and how dedicated you are to your audience no matter how small it is. So to anyone who thinks that the blogosphere is packed and theres no space for them, we could use another blogger!

Thank you for tuning in!

Faith Jassam x.