I always say, Kombucha is basically a soda alternative with drastically less calories and way more benefits. I don’t remember when or how I started drinking Kombucha but I did and I fell in love, not at first though. It was definitely an acquired taste for me and I find that some brands taste better than others. My favorite brands are Humm and GT’S and I would definitely love to try Health Aide! Favorite flavors from Humm are the Pomegranate lemonade and the coconut Lime and their seasonal flavors are amazing too. From GT’S, their fall seasonal one is giving me so much life right now but I love their multi green one, their mystic mango and gingerade one. I love places that offer it on tap too like Crisp and Green because they have such unique flavors; I recently had a lime cayenne one there and it was amazing! A lot of people want to know though, is it worth the hype? I personally think Kombucha is worth the hype and I’m a little mad that I didn’t jump on this bandwagon soon enough. Let’s start with the basics and then i’ll explain why I’m in love.

What is Kombucha? it’s basically fermented black tea full of good bacteria.

How is it made?  It generally involves feeding a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), or mother culture, a sugary tea mixture.  The bacteria then eats the sugar leaving behind some really good bacteria and….yes I thought it was a little weird at first too! But then I learnt about the benefits of all this bacteria left behind and thought it might be worth a try.

Some benefits that really matter to me include:


Probiotics provide your gut with healthy bacteria and this helps with your digestion. More probiotic benefits include preventing skin conditions, like eczema, rosacea, helps with urinary and vaginal health, helps to prevent allergies and colds and so much more! I love that Kombucha is  such an easy way to get some much needed probiotics into my diet.

Improved digestion and detoxification 

One of my friends has a horrible digestive system and she’s very sensitive to diet changes. She just started drinking Kombucha recently( Lol after Peter Kavinsky said he drinks Kombucha) and she says she’s seen a change in how she feels after drinking it, it helps keep her system in check. It’s been said that it interacts with the enzymes in your body to improve your digestive tract.

It just makes me feel good 

I love drinks that make me feel healthy and like I’m on a clean diet and Kombucha is definitely one of them. I get to enjoy all the amazing flavors while knowing that I’m getting some health benefits from it too and I ain’t mad about that. There’s way more benefits than these but these are the ones that keep me going back, it keeps me feeling good, skin glowing and I am here for it!

You can find some more scientific facts behind Kombucha here, here and here! I hope this was helpful and that you will go out and try some Kombucha if you aren’t on this bandwagon yet.

*Images from the Free People blog

Happy Kombucha drinking loves!

Love, Imani.