When people ask me why I started blogging I really never have a straight answer. To be honest, I don precisely remember what pushed me to start a blog but I remember being scared to start something of my own. I asked my self questions like. ‘Is anyone going to read anything I write? What will I write about? What will people think about this? Will I ever grow?’  I kept telling my self that I shouldn’t blog because everyone has a blog now anyways. So I held that off for about five months, of which I could have been growing but I spent hiding. If you’ve ever tried to start anything you know how self-doubt can hold you back and be your worst enemy. And if you’re still holding back, it’s time to let go of the fear and just do it! It’s starting a blog that make me look at Mark (Mark khan) Odumuyiwa, the founder of Khan’s Kloset and go, ‘How the heck did he do that?’ He’s an example of why you shouldn’t hold your ideas back and why you should put your self out there. I’ve always thought of starting a business (sometimes I still do) and I’ve always said it has to wait till after college cause no one can possibly do both. This guy proved me wrong, he’s in college with a business and damn that’s impressive!

The first time I saw a picture by Khan’s Kloset I was scrolling down my Instagram feed and I think one of  my friends had liked it and I literally stopped to look cause everything about it looked amazing, the photography, the location, the models! My first thoughts were ‘Damn some high youth street culture up in here! I love this…’ When I first encountered it, gave me Supreme vibes and made me think of the kind of person that Supreme dresses and represents. It’s the kind of brand that makes you feel an allegiance to it when you wear it.  The brand is catered towards skateboarding, hip hop, and punk rock cultures and the youth culture at large and Mark’s goal is to have his brand sit its name next to brands such as Supreme, A bathing Ape, Anti social club amongst other amazing streetwear brands.  I’m just sitting here sipping my tea waiting for Khan’s Kloset to be named the next ‘Chanel of downtown streetwear’. Watch out cause this guy is definitely going places!  Check out and follow Khan’s Closet on social media below.

Instagram Handle: @klosetkhans https://www.instagram.com/klosetkhans/?hl=en

Facebook: Khan’s Kloset https://www.facebook.com/klosetkhans/?ref=bookmarks

Twitter handle: @khanskloset https://twitter.com/KhansKloset

Faith Jassam x!

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