Happy Friday y’all!  I mentioned  that I’d be doing a monthly feature on the amazing women that surround me and to me this month has been all about celebrating all things women. Recognizing all the women that are the backbone of this community, recognizing the strong women in my life, discovering phenomenal women, and acknowledging the importance a woman with a voice . The entire month has been my ‘long awakening of a ‘bad b@$*h’ phase and as much as it’s been a rough month, I feel stronger than ever and will not be stopped! (will not get my shit rocked, as Ife my roommate says). I remember doing this blog post last year and it was my second one actually (side note: It’s my blog first year anniversary this month and that actually just clicked as I wrote that last sentence) Yeah let’s talk about how fast were all getting old and how much this blog is growing!

In my post last year I talked about how I had a conversation  with my roommate and we basically came to the conclusion that we would be nervous to bring girls into this world because the world isn’t always for them. I believe that life stems from women, this society is heavily driven by women but they are always in the back. Being a  black woman in America is an entirely new story/conversation that I could do a million posts on but today I choose to celebrate and stop criticizing for a moment.

I grew up around a lot of women and I don’t think I’d be who I am without all the powerful women in my life. So I asked some of them all what  makes them feel empowered women and here are their responses:

” I feel empowered when I’m respected and valued as a woman.”-Gladys Kumenda

This was my mother’s response, one of the most powerful women my life. She singlehandedly raised my sister and I and has always been such a powerhouse. She’s such a strong willed woman and once her sights are set on something she goes for it and works for everything that she gets and I think I get this from her. She’s filled with so much wisdom, always knows the answers to every life question and I don’t think I’d be the woman I am today without her influence.

My roommate made it to this list of women because she’s a strong, confident woman who pushes me to keep going and we sat over brunch and had this conversation and here’s what she had to say but women empowerment:

“I like being listened to and have my opinions heard  because I have a lot of opinions, thoughts and questions and when I’m in situations where I get challenged, that’s what really empowers me because I can push for all  those questions and conversations. So being acknowledged and listened to is really important to me in those difficult situations.

“What inspires me is a good pair of heels cause it increases my confidence and makes me feel like I’m taking on the room.” -Ife Ekunsanmi

On top of that I feel like what empowers me the most is empowering others. Understanding  people, pushing my self to be better but also those around me to be better. In my life I’ve struggled with seeing people and seeing their potential and then they don’t see it and don’t ever achieve that potential. I love helping people see their potential and also achieve it. So seeing the little things that make each individual who they are and what they could be has been something that I’ve had an internal struggle with!

“Empowering other people to find their empowerment and their worth is what truly empowers me.”-Ife Ekunsanmi

I asked another beautiful soul, Hellen, what she thought empowered her and then asked her what makes her feel like abad bitch and her response was that:

“I feel empowered Knowing that sacrifices were made for me to be here.…And Being a bad bitch is in my blood so it comes naturally.”

I asked my aspiring Dj queen Djalina what it meant to her to be an empowered woman and she said:

“I feel empowered as a woman when I surround my self with other women who are strong, self motivated, unapologetic, and want to support other women.”- Djalina 

I could have continued because there are so many amazing women in my life that empower me each day, and the list could go on forever. These women make me honored to be woman and give me the strength to keep existing in a society that constantly tries to bring me down. But what makes me empowered?

“What makes me empowered as a woman is surrounding my self with powerful women and seeing the amazing things that all the women around me are doing. I’m empowered by all the self- starting bad bitches who grace this world. Those who hold their heads high, are not afraid to speak up and those who choose to keep trying. Trying to break down all the barriers and carve out spaces for all of us.”

I’m always on a quest for inspiration and when the women around me win, it pushes me to be a better person, to do better things, to pursue all the amazing opportunities that life has to offer and to hopefully inspire someone else as well. SO not only for this month other but throughout, I encourage you to look at the women around you, ask them what makes them empowered, what inspires the, what drives them to do the things that they do?

Happy women’s month loves!

Thank you for tuning in,

Faith Ndung’u x!