Reading has always been an escape for me. I dive into each book with optimism and readily absorb each characters’ lives. I even find myself doing my day-to-day work thinking about the characters. I enjoy reading but don’t always have the motivation or time to do so. With school and everything in between it’s definitely a challenge so during the school year, I tackle books very slowly. I reserve some of my downtimes for reading whether I’m on the bus or right before bed when I’m done with my school work.  It really is a way to take care of myself and calm any anxieties I might have.

Last year I challenged myself to read more than I did the year before, and I surprisingly did. it dawned on me that if I really prioritized my time, I could find ways to read more. I read a lot in the summer since I had some time off each day after work and the weekends!

Now I’m starting off this year in the same way, challenging myself to read more than I did last year and challenging myself to especially read nonfiction books. The challenge is to read a book each month of the year. Lucky for me, my sister reads a ton and had such good recommendations for me. So I raided her bookshelf and picked out some really dope books as photographed above. Wish me luck and join the challenge, let’s do this!

By Imani