Like a lot of black girls, I worry about hair A LOT… I’m always worrying about what I’ll do next long before I get rid of what’s currently on. Will I stay natural, do braids, crotechet etc. Which is where my deep appreciation for wigs come in. Wigs are lifesavers; they are super protective especially in these crazy Minnesota winters and they are effective. Like a lot of black girls, I too have a love hate relationship with them. For starters, windy days aren’t my best friends, neither are people that try to literally grab my hair…..but that’s besides the point.

I was super excited when Divaswigs approached me for a collaboration because I absolutely love a good wig, and theirs are amazing. I tried this one and I was a little nervous about it since I never switch up my hair styles. This wig; being a fringe/straight hair wig had me a little scared BUT it was a life changer! I loved how it made me look and more importantly how it made me feel, literally feel like a badass when I have this hair on. The texture is great; it’s a human hair wig, 360 frontal, quality on point, has combs in the  front and back, comes with a brush and the team was the absolute best. So here’s a collection of a mix of aunty and hip pics of me chillin in my divas wig hair, enjoy: Link: https: Divaswigs-Fringe



And some complementary videos…..


Thank you Divaswigs

Love, Imani.