Happy Thursday y’all! I literally do not know where this month went, it flew by and now I’m anxious because it feels like this year is about to fly by too. I probably won’t be uploading blog posts as much anymore for the rest of the semester cause life! …January was full of blessings though tbh! I am one of the content creators for Fashion Week Minnesota and I’m super excited for this year’s show. You all need to start buying your tickets!! I’m already planning outfits and love that I have this opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes with the producers and designers. I also got the chance to be an editor for NABA on campus and that’s been amazing. Wont lie, I was super nervous for this semester and didn’t know how it was going to go, but so far so good! I’m getting in my groove, eating right, studying, working out enough, going to Church and it feels amazing. I feel calm and I wanna be this for the rest of 2018!

Some of my goals this year are to stay positive, do amazing things, travel, ¬†meet amazing people , I’m ready to have fun this year. My monthly faves are a little unconventional since they aren’t all things but here goes:

My first monthly fave is Moose and Sadie’s, a cute little coffee/ brunch place in North loop that I always end up at after Church. It’s mostly always empty(ish) on Sundays and has such gorgeous tiling and an amazing interior and amazing vibes as well! Another fave is a little home goods store in North loop called The Foundry and I always end up going in there and not buying anything, but I love to go there for inspiration. I also started going to Church a little more constantly, which I always found hard cause I never knew where to go when on campus, but I found River Valley and I love it and have decided to stick with it! If you’re in Minneapolis and looking for a new Church I recommend this one. Another monthly fave is an artist who I just started listening to: Michael Kiwanuka. Y’all need to have a listen! Okay I had my doubts at first, but I stuck around and he’s amazing, he gives me Daniel Caesar X Leon Bridges vibes! His music is very soothing with an acoustic blues vibe to it, and I’m in love. One of my fave activities this month is making my own brunch mostly because I don’t have time to go out for brunch all the time like I used to, and I’m on that college student budget. It’s a self appreciation move, since 2018 is the year to take care of my self. I hope you all have an amazing month filled with love(cause valentines you know…) and blessings!

  1. Moose and Sadies

2. Brunch at home!

3. Found a wall to match my soul

4. The Foundry in North loop

That you for tuning in!

Faith Jassam x