Happy New Year!

I’m sitting in my comfy corner sipping my red wine, thinking back to what 2019 has been and I can’t help but be grateful. My heart is full thinking of all the travels I have had, all the carbs I ate in Madrid (lol), all the things I have accomplished; small and big, all the beautiful souls I had the chance of meeting, all the fears I conquered…

I’m also thinking about at all the not-so-good- moments I had; the mess-ups, the cringy dates, the failures, the fears that kept me up at night, the things I chased and never caught, the failed workout routines, failed attempts at clean-eating, journaling, self-care, being a better person, friend etc.

In 2019, I traveled solo, I made the first move, I put myself out there in so many ways, I made new friends, I went to social things alone, I went far out of my comfort zone more times than I can count, I realized so much about myself and the world around me and I am so darn PROUD. And no, I’m not here to brag about all the things I have done, this is a call out…

When wrapping up a year it’s so easy to find yourself thinking of all the ways it could have been better and that was my first instinct. I thought about all the failures, the mess-ups and the ‘not-so-good-moments were so easy to remember, they were top of mind. I had to physically write out all the things I have accomplished and dug deeper to see all the ways in which I have changed for the better this year. 2019 might have been a handful, but we all made it out and that’s what counts, so get in your corner, grab a pen, paper, laptop, and get to it. Let’s make this year count!!

 Happy New Year everyone, I wish you a year of love, self-care, self-discovery, and all the adventures.

Imani, X