If you decide to love someone, surrender your heart Remove the guards and relinquish their shields. You need to feel this thoroughly. Love was never meant to be safe or measured, so love irrationally Jump of a cliff without considering consequence. Love specifically, Pay attention to the smaller details of the bigger picture. Love unconditionally, because there will be days when you don’t like her, but the love must remain and in the event that love breaks you, let it break. Do not close yourself off or shut yourself down Your heart will be shaped and reshaped But, in the end, it will still be yours. As humans we are blessed with the skill of adaptation It’s kept us here for eons You will adapt. – Miles Carter

Footage edited from Mura Masa’s Love$ick

Song in the background is Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez

But can we talk about this video though…

This hit me

And it’s not just the clips from Mura Masa’s video that made me feel

But the gravity of the words

made me think about the art of vulnerability

We tend to shy away from feeling strongly cause humans suck

But forget that there’s so much beauty in letting our inner selves show

I love to feel things wholeheartedly

But feeling too much is A LOT

So, this poem right here felt foreign

When he said “love irrationally jump of a cliff without considering consequence”


How many of us can actually do that? Jump without consequence? That’s a little insane

We feel the need to protect ourselves and guard our hearts all the time

But I think despite humans and their flakiness,

we shouldn’t close ourselves off to vulnerability

We miss so much trying to protect our hearts

It’s how we end up in ‘things’, situationships, casual things

and there’s no problem with that…for now

But what If we miss the real thing cause we are protecting our hearts and too afraid to love?

Lol there’s no actual point to this post

Other than a gentle reminder to be vulnerable

 I loved this and felt it enough to repost it on here

So here you go

Love, Imani