This year had a very different start to it! It felt new because I was so accustomed to spending my New Years with family but for a change I spent it with friends. It was the most amazing thing but it felt unusual and caused a slight imbalance because just like many, I don’t always accept change. It made me do a deep cleanse of my life that involved a lot of reflection and questions which made me a little nervous yet very excited about this year.  It made me look back on all my weak moments of 2017 and after allowing my self a fleeting moment of guilt, I decided that it was time I let all that go and focus on the present. January was amazing, filled with anxiety because I’ve packed so much into this semester and I’m worried about how this will all go. On the bright side… spring is almost here; it will come faster if you believe, also if you fill your dark winter days with a million activities which is what I choose to do.

With all that said about my new year it’s time I shared the few things that are keeping me sane this month starting with the vogue cover of Lupita Nyong’o that I won’t stop flipping just yet. The fashion industry lacks representation and while we’re improving on it, just having two models of color on the runway won’t cut it in the next couple of years. I was ecstatic to see Lupita, a Kenyan melanin goddess, on the cover of Vogue. What makes this whole situation even better is that the February cover was graced by another Melanin queen, Serena Williams! Seriously making 2018 look less grim for me. Okay enough about melanin, my second monthly favorite this month is the Tarte dark berry matte lipstick which matches this winter darkness(and my soul) and it looks so gorgeous in this season. I typically go for brown lipsticks or very dark ones and nothing else, and yes you can call me basic but I have very strong preferences when it comes to lip colors.

Another favorite of mine is the new Ralph Lauren scent Woman which is a fairly strong and distinct scent that I fell in love with! I love strong scents because they make me feel powerful and can make a world of a difference in my day! Which is why I love the C.O Bigelow too which is a strong but sweet vanilla concentrated scent which I made my signature scent because its the best. Another January fave that was also a December fave is Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey which I bought because I needed some inspiration in my life! Its a beautiful work of art and Im in love especially with the third part of the book since its so uplifting. Something about me is that winter tends to bring me down, and I guess this happens to a lot of people too and I will never get used to this weather, but I’m trying to find ways to stay happy during this season. I wear bright colors, try to listen to more upbeat music and read uplifting books/articles which helps a little otherwise id just b down and lacking energy half the time. This explains why the Masaai basket is included, because its so bright and brings so much liveliness to a room!. Indoor plants make a huge difference as well! And my last favorite is the mini elf palette and I love this mostly because its super convenient and the colors in it are neutral and amazing! Plus elf is life, I mean pocket friendly products!!Sign me up. If you haven’t tried them you need to now! I hope January’s was kind to you and if not, make February and the rest of this year count!


Thank you for tuning in!

Faith Jassam x.