Welcome to another Imani blog post and I hope June is treating you well! This blog post was supposed to be out like two weeks ago and I’m working on it guys, I will do better with my posting schedule. I visited Tampa, Florida about two weeks ago and it was such a breath of fresh air especially since it was right after the Spring semester and I’d just had a crazy semester. It was my first time in Florida and it was so exciting to be out there exploring a new place. Each time I visit somewhere new I remember the importance of travel and I hope to have the chance to be out and about more this year. Tampa reminded me so much of the Kenyan coast: the palm trees, the beach, the very unpredictable weather, we visited on a very stormy weekend and that was a bummer, but we still had an amazing time.

On our first day in Florida, we went out to Clearwater beach to catch the sunset. Guys they have the prettiest sunsets down there, so breathtaking and no I could not handle it. I haven’t experienced such beautiful views in a very long time and it felt amazing to have my feet in real sand after about 8 years. The last time I was at a beach was in Mombasa, Kenya in 2010( This is insane!!) . I didn’t capture as much of it as I should have and even if I did, I doubt it would have done it any justice.

On our second day, which was a fairly beautiful day with less clouds and rain, we headed out to Universal studios and I was super excited for this. I fell in love with the different themed streets and the colors really got me, it was all so gorgeous. I’m not really a fan of theme parks and neither are my parents so we just circled Universal studio’s main grounds, took some photos of the beautiful streets, had some amazing margaritas and some donuts from Voodoo Donuts (which by the way were the greatest and won my heart, sorry Glam Doll) Other places that we could have visited were theme parks as well and we weren’t really up to it, so we actually ended up at the beach again. Something that I didn’t really love about Florida was the lack of a vast options of restaurants.  I wish we did more research, and had taken the time to find the hidden gems of Tampa. Tampa gave me such strange vibes, it felt like a place with no personality and I can’t fully explain it but something about it just didn’t work for me. This is just a personal opinion and is probably a ‘me thing’.  I loved the beaches though and I’d give up anything to have beautiful weather all year round but I wouldn’t move out there. Minnesota has definitely grown on me guys and I never thought this day would come.

We spent all day at the beach on the third day (yet again),  had some lunch there and it saddened me to leave the beach behind but i’ll definitely be back soon (sob). If I had to do this trip all over again,  I’d do better research on places to visit and places to eat and would have a more concrete plan/itinerary. I’d also check the weather just so I don’t end up there on another stormy weekend. Overall, I had a great time and appreciated the time spent away from my day to day life.


Thank you for tuning in.

Love, Imani.