Happy Wednesday y’all! My blog turned one in March and I fully ignored the fact that it did. I dismissed it thinking to myself ‘why would I honor this?I really haven’t made that much progress, I’m too busy with finals and life anyways’ and I brushed it off. I kept feeling like I hadn’t really achieved much and I don’t need to acknowledge that it’s been one year if the year wasn’t as great as it should have been. However, thinking back I remember starting so small, I’m still small, but I’ve had considerable growth with my blog and social media but most importantly within me. I started not knowing what in the world I was doing I just wanted to share stories, and this is actually funny cause I tend to be a person who has a million thoughts and ideas but finds it so hard to share them. I keep to myself a lot and I’m slowly learning the art of expression and letting people see me and I’ve seen so much growth in the past year.

I started with a very “I’m an independent thinker with her own ideas/concepts and I really don’t care what anyone else is doing” mindset. That’s what I worked with all summer last year and I cultivated a unique sense of storytelling then eventually I felt like I started looking around to see what everyone else was doing and slowly blending in. “What’s this blogger doing? What’s a certain blogger’s theme and how do I incorporate it into my pages? What kind of stories is everyone sharing cause I don’t want to share anything too out there… ” I started feeling really insecure about anything I posted and posting was tied to a lot of anxiety and it shouldn’t be that way, it didn’t need to be that serious so I stepped away  from my social media. I re-evaluated what social media meant to me and what my objectives really were as a blogger and it slowly came back to me. I originally thought about my blog as an open diary; a page of my thoughts sprawled for anyone else to read and possibly relate to. Something fun and stress-free, a creative outlet.  So as I sit here and type my late night thoughts in the dark at midnight, I have regained my purpose and it feels amazing. It’s all coming back to me, the joy of blogging without all the comparison and pressure to deliver things and constantly grow stats. This is what it should have been all along and I hope not to loose sight of the things that make me happy again. I keep going back to my mantra: “Self love 2018 all the way”and I’m so happy and proud of what I have accomplished for my blog in this year and with all that said:

Happy one year to JustImani! .

..and no, it doesn’t really feel like year has passed and we are all definitely growing old so

DON’T forget to do what makes you happy!!

Thank you for tuning in,

Love, Imani.