Hello there! My name is Faith (Imani in Swahili, hence JustImani) I go by Natalie to a lot of my Kenyan friends though.  I’m in my Senior year of college and studying Marketing at the University of Minnesota( last semester let’s go!!!) I’m a little sad about leaving college but also so excited about what’s yet to come. The one thing I’m most excited about is to have my own place and spend time making it my own. I’m an ambivert but I’m more of an introvert- I love my quiet moments when I get to just sit with my thoughts or listen to some good music but there’s also nothing I love more than a deep and good conversation.

I nerd-out about the fashion Industry- seriously if you want me to talk non-stop just mention sustainability and inclusion within the fashion Industry. I also nerd out about Vampire Weekend (yes, I know every single song and album). I sing to everything and have the most eclectic taste in music, I love wine way too much(wine tasting anyone?), and I love making things beautiful. My happy place is a corner at a coffee shop or just give me any corner where I could sit and edit photos all day, write, design websites, it gives me a sense of calm to just focus in on creating beauty.

I’m doing this intro because I haven’t done this in a very long time and I have a lot of new people on here. I’m also doing this because I’m shifting in the content I want to create and the things I want to share on my platforms. I want to be more intentional in the things I put out. I want to create value and share things that might help someone out there. So I’ll try my best to do just that, keep it real as much as I can, and share things that might be useful to you.

Love, Imani