If you know me you know I’m very minimalistic, I don’t wear much jewelry but I love a good watch. I also love the little moments; moments spent making memories and  doing things I love with the people I love. So when Jord reached out to collaborate with me on their beautiful and sleek, wooden watches I had to say yes. 

Owning  my beautiful, sleek Jord takes me back to my Kenyan high school days, except all I had back then was a plastic Casio that had a mini flashlight and I loved that watch to death. A lot of people don’t know this but I was born and grew up in Kenya. I left Kenya in my third year of high school but before that,  I’d been in boarding school for four years. Boarding school was one of my best life experiences and if you went to boarding school in Kenya you know how great those moments were, they were tough too but let’s not focus on that today.

I’ll give you just a few rules that we lived by so you can get a slight idea of it:

  1. Every second counted so you had to be everywhere on time or you’d get into trouble
  2. No cellphones or any electronic devices, only watches were allowed
  3. We wore school uniforms all day everyday.
  4. Our days stated at 5am and ended at 10:00PM
  5. The students basically ran the school, we did the cooking the cleaning and everything in between.
  6. We had chapel ant 6:45am every day, it was a Catholic boarding school


With this comprehensive list of rules that we lived by, now I feel like you’ll get it when I say that a watch was essential, you had to have one, you had no option and you’d basically DIE without one. We had very tight schedules and to do it all, you had to watch your time.I relied on my watch heavily and this influenced my love for watches. It influenced my tendency to be places on time, to respect time, to be very precise with time and to cherish every single moment with the people around me.

The little moments mean so much to me since I’ve lived in an environment that taught me how important time is. This explains my intolerance to people that waste my time too. SO now if you tell me to be there at 5 you better believe that I’ll be there at 4:55. Every single minute matters to me and now that I have my Jord, I refuse to let go!  In all this talk about moments that matter,

My challenge to you this week: 

  1. Put your phone away during meals
  2. Put your phone away when spending time with a loved one, a friend, give your undivided attention to them
  3. Put your phone away thirty minutes before you go to sleep (this one’s a little hard)

But…Unplug when spending time with the people around you!

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Love, Imani.


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