Have you ever had one of these months where you’re doing great, your skin is flourishing, you’re happy that it’s flourishing because you have a wedding/social commitment to be at in a few days. You finally think the stars are lining up for you and people will see you at your best with your flawless, flourishing skin. Then five minutes before the social commitment, you have a massive breakout and you just don’t get it? Your world is spinning off the axis, it’s a disaster  and no remedies will work quick enough to fix it, so you end up cancelling and avoiding any form of human interaction until it’s cleared? Cause me too! This happens to me a little too much that I’ve started expecting it. I get happy when I get good skin for about three weeks but I try not to get attached to the idea of good skin because I know it will go away as fast as it came. And yeah that was a very far-fetched analogy but you’d be shocked by how many people relate to this.

It wasn’t until very recently that I was introduced to the notion of constant, healthy, good skin. I’ve gone through so many skin care products and frankly, I am sick of the entire process of finding my perfect skin care routine so I decided to be very minimalistic with my skin care. This helps me really pay attention to what works well for my skin and helps me decide what products to stick with; It makes the elimination process so much smoother.

So for a cleanser, I went for a gentle, cruelty-free, vegan Face wash from Pacifica Beauty. It’s the smoothest product on my skin, not harsh at all, smells good and it only cost me $10. For a toner I started using Thayer’s Witch Hazel which I got on the low from JC Penney! It smells amazing, leaves my skin feels super refreshed and clean, and I could see visible change after using it for a few days. Apparently everyone was on this bandwagon and no one invited me on it??#Wherestheloyalty?

Another product that is saving my entire existence is Rosehip oil! I used this a while back and once I ran out I got too lazy to order a new bottle? Yep! Worst decision I ever made especially since it’s such an amazing product. It’s lightweight and therefore absorbs very fast into your skin, has a yellow tint, some rosy notes, and a slight fishy smell (its nothing too strong by the way, just an indicator that it’s authentic reship oil). It’s also known to get rid of dark spots over time and its my absolute favorite! These have been stocked and restocked on my beauty shelf and I have seen such a major difference in how my skin looks. Yes! I still get occasional breakouts but that’s just normal.

This is my skin care routine, whats yours?

Comment below a product from your skin care

routine that you can’t live without!

Links of all the products are below:

Feel free to reach out with any skin care questions or recommendations!

Pacifica Face wash that I use

Rose witch hazel

Love, Imani.