I love going back to my school schedule. I hate the tests. But I love falling back into patterns. Class at 10, meeting  at 1, another meeting at 4, coffee date at 5, study till 1am. I feel purposeful, sleep deprived, tired, stressed but, coffee infused and semi-happy. I love to stay busy. Something that keeps this momentum going and keeps me motivated is listening to podcasts during my commutes. I’m very picky with who I choose to listen to because I love to get the most out of the 20 minutes or so that I listen in. Here are some of my most recent faves:

  1. Modern love podcast: This one’s my absolute favorite. Such beautifully constructed stories about love, loss, and redemption.Beautiful music landscaping that captivates all your senses and keeps you constantly engaged. Definitely a new fave that you need to tune into if you love love.
  2. Code switch: I tune into this one for conversations about politics, culture, and life in general.
  3. NPR politics One of my biggest life advances is to stay present and updated on modern day issues and the political landscape. I love this podcast because it delivers the most recent happenings to me in about 15 minutes. #staywoke2018

This is a super short list of my new go to’s that you have to tune into!

Happy Self Care Sunday!

Love, Imani