Happy Friday! This week has been long, a little frustrating, a little calming, a little eye opening, let’s just say that I’ve been on a wide-ranged emotional spectrum this week. We made it to Friday though and that’s all that really matters! I’m going through my morning rituals and I have a feeling that It will all be okay. I just had my morning coffee, listened to some Girlboss radio, wrote this little blog post for you all, might even sneak in a little workout later, I’m planning to have a day full of positive vibes.

Podcasts are my new favorites and an integral part of my morning and #SelfCareSunday ritual. Guys, I can’t tell you how much I’ve learnt in the past month from listening to podcasts and now I won’t stop bringing it up in all my conversations. I launched a poll on my Instagram stories and asked if anyone else listens to podcasts and a lot of people said that they didn’t but they’d love some recommendations. A lot of people also wanted me to share my responses so here we are. I went through all the podcasts recommended to me and fished out the best ones just for you so I hope this list is helpful to you all!

Girlboss radio

I started listening to this podcast a couple of months ago. It’s hosted by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal, GirlBoss media and the well acclaimed author behind Nasty Galaxy and #GirlBoss. Each week she brings in a powerful woman from a selected Industry and they talk about their life and career journey. I love listening to these stories because to me they are stories of hope. It’s always a good reminder that everyone starts somewhere and has a very different path.  I recently started listening to this on my way to work in the mornng and it’s such a great inspiration. It pushes me to think about my life and encourages me to live more intentionally. Guys these women’s advice is waiting to be soaked in so I highly encourage you to tune into this one.

Jenna Kutcher’s goal digger podcast

I started listening to this one not too long ago as well and what truly got me was Jenna Kutcher’s confidence. She’s a badass business woman and she’s launched so many guide books to help create your own brand and to start your own business. She talks about confidence and her journey, about growing your Instagram and everything in between. I think her podcast is amazing especially for influencers! She’s just so empowering and I look up to her so I don’t miss a single episode and you shouldn’t either!


BOF (Business of Fashion) 

This was the first podcast I ever listened to and I found out about it from the BOF website. I just wanted expanse knowledge in Fashion and I tapped into all the sources I could find including this one. Ran by Imran Amed, this podcasts explores a lot of different topics in the Business of Fashion and if you are a fashion lover and is interested in the industry I’d tune in! I also just created a list of some amazing fashion related podcasts for fashion lovers out there especially since I know the struggle of learning about the fashion Industry as an outsider.

That is my list of three podcasts and I listen to them religiously but I am currently testing out some new waters and I’m  hoping to find some more inspiration from some new sources. So, here is an amazing list of some podcasts that I am excited to listen to and that you need to tune into.



Love, Imani.