October is here

The air is crisp

The leaves are falling

Our moods are shifting

Our Spotify playlists have changed to some very emo music ( at least for me it has)

I’m drinking at least five cups of coffee a day

The semester is looking rougher than ever

Winter is coming and

Fall is heavily upon us.

And ironically even after all my complaining, I love this weather, it’s perfect.

I have been gone for a good minute and I attribute that to wanting a rebranding of JustImani.com. So what have I really been up to? I’ll start with comparison is the thief of joy and go from there. About two month ago I literally stopped and wondered what in the world I was doing with blogging and I just couldn’t figure out which direction to go. I felt very insecure about my work, about myself and felt the need to disappear from my photos and be a ‘behind the lens’ type personality.  I got into my head a little too much and couldn’t create anything anymore without constant comparison and not feeling like what I was doing was good enough. So I just completely stopped taking photos, looking at my analytics, posting 4-5 times a week, posting on my blog, I stopped it all. It was such a breath of fresh air especially since I completely went off Instagram for about three weeks straight in August. It was amazing for me to step away and just have some time to restructure my thoughts and take care of me and try to figure my life out.

I find it so important to have moments of seeking clarity, especially since we can get so caught up in patterns and we keep doing things and not knowing why we are doing them. I sought to find something that would fulfill me, something deeper than the clothes, shoes, and glamour. Maybe I am yet to find it or maybe now that I have taken the time to think about it, I’ll move towards it subconsciously. The inevitability of change in my way of thought and in my life overall is creeping up on me and I’m receptive, I’m here to welcome these changes with open arms and can’t wait to see what the next few months hold for me.

So here’s an October challenge for you:

  1. Why do you do the things that you do?
  2. Be receptive to change, welcome the future you with open arms and
  3. Be gracious to you, YOU deserve this.

Happy Falling.

Love, Imani.