Happy Sunday and welcome to another Self Care Sunday post!

Today my self care Sunday involves acknowledging your worst fears and realizing that it all be alright. I get such random bursts of fear at times. I’ll literally be fine one second and the next I have the sudden realization that I’m basically an adult, I have a shit ton of loans, I’m still single, I need to somehow find my purpose, my skin care routine is still trash, I’m still broke, and that somehow I’m left in this world to carve out my own path all alone. It’s such moment of weakness where all your faults and fears surface and come at you all at once. It’s crippling, at least a lot of time it is, and I always have to talk myself off the ledge.

Does this happen to anyone else? A while ago I was planning for my fall semester and thinking about my next steps after my internship, that resulted into me changing my major by the way. This was happening at about three AM and I was in the dark clutching onto my knees with the crippling thought that I had no idea what the fuck I wanted out of life. Talking my self out of my deepest fears always starts with my most positive self- affirmation (you’re smart, you’re fearless, you’re beautiful, you’re a bad bitch) I’m not kidding, I actually chant my self affirmation about thirty times and then I’m calm enough to realize I can handle it. I have to go back and remind myself that I’ve done so much before and that whatever is ahead of me is something that I can deal with. I have to remind my self that I do in fact know what I want out of life and as much as the future’s a little bleak right now, I’ll be good.

So lesson of the day, in the words of Kendrick we’ll be alright.

I switched it up with my #SCS today because Self Care can be repurposed in so many different ways, it’s not always going to be about pedicures and matcha, It could be about battling our daily anxieties and insecurities. So keep calm and #SelfCareSunday.

Love, Imani