Happy New month everyone! February had it’s ups and downs (mostly downs tbh)…….but here’s to a new month full of amazing possibilities. Who’s with me? Now I really don’t expect March to slow down but it’s a new start and I’m up for it. A couple of favorites in this past month have been….(drumroll please) and yes some are a little unconventional monthly faves but just roll with it.

1. Matcha( who knew?)  

I feel like matcha will always stay on the top of this list because I don’t know where I’d be without matcha. Okay maybe I’m being a little dramatic but try it sometime! It’s the most calming, it’s  healthier than coffee and recently I’ve experimented with adding some extra ingredients to my matcha like adaptogens and coconut butter which just makes it a million times better. Coconut butter makes it frothy and an adaptogen that I incorporated into my morning matcha routine is Ashwagandha which has a lot of benefits like hormone balance( this should be another post) but check that out!

2. Red 

Okay guys I’m a little red obsessed and I can’t/won’t stop. Actually it’s more than red, I think I’m finally appreciating color( Djalina be proud). When I started this blog all I  had in my closet was black and don’t get me wrong I still love black and will pull out all black outfits for  low energy/lazy days, but there’s so much color in my closet now. I can see the world in color now which was  actually one of my huge changes last year. Style and fashion in my eyes now involves a lot of print, color textures, and eclectic tastes, its such an amazing view of the fashion industry.

( a snap of my morning coffee in Andover)

3. Coffee, coffee and more coffee. 

Okay so I ran out of match and didn’t get a new can until about last week and I went coffee crazy for like two weeks. I’d have like three coffees a day, in my defense I needed to stay energized. The downside to coffee is the crashing and burning out at some point in the week, usually Friday for me. My boss never fails to remind me how exhausted I look every Friday morning and I’m working on this and my health in general guys. I’m trying to find ways to regulate my coffee(down to one a day and none on low workload days). And now that I have matcha I can easily substitute it with my coffee.

My afternoon Almond coconut latte with some cinnamon (This was my first time making this and I was actually impressed)

4. Health

I miss the old days when I was so health conscious, had my food right, worked out regularly and was super energized. Now I just eat whenever, eat whatever I want and it’s taken the hugest toll on my body. I believe that you are what you eat, and used to be a huge health/inner peace advocate, I still am though but won’t practice it even though I should. My experience with health last month was realizing that mine was lacking a lot and I guess my challenge this month would be to be mindful and take care of me…self care 2k18 all the way. If it doesn’t serve a purpose in your life cut that off. Im gong to try go back to my yoga mornings and at least two work out days a week and you should join me. The peace and energy that comes out of taking care of you is just the best so just go for it.

5. Women’s history month playlist 

In honor of women’s month here is an amazing playlist curated just for all you! I discovered it this morning cause it just popped up on my feed and I have it on repeat! I am also doing a March series on all the strong women in my life and I am way excited and you should be too!

Here is the playlist y’all (you welcome):

6. The foundry home goods.

Okay so this was in last moths faves but they moved their store and Doreen, Hellen and I visited for their opening and their new space is just the most beautiful thing. It’s a very open corner store with such amazing lighting and I’m not mad about it at all! I think some photos will help with demonstrating! Check out the difference between my old posts photos and this one!

Thank you for tuning in!

Faith Jassam x!