Happy Women’s month y’all!  I am so excited for this month you guys, it’s getting warmer, and that to me means I can actually start living life. Have I previously emphasized how much I hate winter? If you follow me you know I have mentioned this, more than enough in all honesty. In my defense, you can’t move a girl from the equator bring her to Antarctica and expect her to thrive. Why do people even live here?(I realize this should be a separate blog post seeing that I’m so passionate about the winter)

Okay so March it’s happening! I feel empowered this month, mostly because it’s women’s month and… Spring break is coming up. I also had an epiphany this week (if you know me, you know I have the most random epiphanies and last week I had one where I thought I was dying so I drew up funeral plans and everything). The plans may or may not have included a Fashion week dedicated to me( Another Raf Simmons floral explosion…in my honor). Okay so maybe a little dramatic but it was a dark time people. This to me was the awakening of a bad bitch because I was in the hugest slump last moth, unmotivated lost my enthusiasm then I had a “wake up!!” moment this week and it was the most beautiful thing. One thing that pulled me back to present is looking the part, I stopped showing up unprepared and looked the part more often to class and life and I was back, and thats what makes me want to get s**t done. So if you ever feel uninspired and unmotivated wake up, do what makes you feel empowered and go kick ass.

Onto my series this month. I am here to celebrate all things women seeing that we do rule the world. All the strong beautiful and amazing women that surround me and that inspire me each day will be featured and I am super pumped for this you guys. I hope you March is kind to you.

Faith Jassam X

Thanks for tuning in!